Assistance for employment of foreign people

AtConcierge works closely with you to hire foreign workers with getting work visa, employment process, necessary information of Japanese cultural and working environment for a successful start-up.

We assist you in providing employment work rules related to payroll and social insurance, child and family care leave, healthcare benefits, travel expenses, and other issures.

We support companies for not only process of hiring but also for various administrative tasks of foreign nationals' daily life.

We also extend hands for individual foreign workers facing a problem.

Contact AtConcierge on your issues; such as,

● Acquisition of work visa.
● Extension of period of stay.
● Social insurance policies.
● Children's school activities.
● Dismissal or employment insurance.

Three features of our mission

One stop service: from recruitment to resignation

・We support not only for the visa process but also employee's daily life

Bridge of Cross-cultural understanding

・We support foreign employees's happy life while staying in Japan

Bilingual Administration Tactics

・We encourage your administration office for getting used to bilingual services and extend effective support to foreign employees

We will go with you for finding right solution. If necessary, the issue can be conveyed to a legal professional.

Latest Topics and updates

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