Assistance for employment of foreign people

We provide the one-stop support (all-in-one) from visa acquisition to government registration. We support employment in Japan together with those companies and foreign applicants.

As Certified Organization supporting Specified Skilled Workers
As Certified Employment Agency

Main Business Profile

1. Consulting and support on MWO (Migrant Workers Office) procedures regarding recruitment and employment of Filipino nationals
2. Creation and translation of application documents for inspection of employers to fit rules of Philippines that protect overseas workers
3. Coordination working with recruitment agency, employer, and workers
4. Promoting cross-cultural understanding

Assistance Options

1. First free e-mail/face-to-face consultation
2. Job Interview site support, interpretation
3. Providing lectures on basic business rules, including the labor law, etc.
4. Workshops on intercultural understanding, training on global mannerism
5. Consultation on procedures on Immigration Bureau

Service Fees

Initial Consultation ¥20,000
One-shot Consultation ¥50,000
Consultation/Documentation for ¥200,000
applications to MWO

For other consultation, we will make an estimate separately for each case.

Personal Business Background

Four years as a HR manager in engineering company
Sixteen years as a secretary to a director in Tokyo branch of worldwide research institute
Twenty years as an employee engaged in international operations

We will go with you for finding right solution. If necessary, the issue can be conveyed to a legal professional.

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