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What is MWO?

This page explains application process for the evaluation of employer by the Embassy of Philippines. Unlike those of other countries, Philippine government requires an employer to have an agreement with a recruitment agency in Philippines whether it is eligible or not to hire foreign workers. Applicants who want to work in Japan need to ask your future employer to apply to the Embassy of Philippines for getting an approval.



MWO (Migrant Workers Office), a branch office of DMW (Department of Migrant Workes), will rigorously examine companies of working conditions and operating conditions of workers from Philippines. It will not be certified unless it passes the final examination. Document review is bureaucratic and unfriendly thought it doesn’t start even if you complain. In other words, they desire create an environment that Filipinos can work with confidence in Japanese companies.

I myself used to work in foreign-affiliated companies and had worked with people from more than 40 countries as an administrative professional for 20 years and as a consultant engaged in employment support project for 11 years since the start of my own business. These experiences have remarkably contributed for MWO application practice.

I have summarized the contents to the extent that I can help in the next column. Please refer to the following process as a representative explanation for the position of directly hired Professional/Skilled Workers. Other positions are detailed in the MWO website.

Process for Philippine Government Registration (MWP / DMW) and Working Visa

Documentary Requirements for accreditation

Application Steps

  1. Conclude a recruitment contract with a PRA (Philippine Recruitment Agency) officially recognized agency
  2. Submission documents to DMW Tokyo/DMW Osaka
  3. Evaluation takes about two weeks
  4. Only for applications that pass the document screening, contact the interview date
  5. Interview by the officer
  6. Issue a letter of recommendation to DMW only if approved
  7. Send a set of documents to the Philippine Human Resources Company
  8. Final review and orientation by DMW
  9. Issuance of OEC(Overseas Employment Certificate)
  10. Apply for a work visa to Japanese Embassy in the Philippines
  11. Air ticket arrangement, landing in Japan

* We recommend that you start applying for COE (Certificate of Eligibility) to the Immigration Bureau when the MWO procedure goes smoothly. Otherwise, COE expires in three months.

** Please note that this information is based on our experience and translation of the MWO site and does not guarantee its accuracy. There may be changes in handling due to legal updates of governments and officials of Philippines and Japan.

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