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Voice from clients


This is the company that we provided support for immigration for IT engineers from the Philippines from 2017 to 2018. The interview was conducted with the president of the company-A, which hired those engineers.

While our company runs our core business in IT, we built a recreation facility for Japanese as well as establishing a corporation in the Philippines with the purpose of discovering Philippine engineers to solve our talent shortage issue.

Since it is my wife’s home country, we built a facility for Japanese seniors, hoping to live in such a mild climate and with kind hearted people in the Philippines, and we made a part of the facility as the base for IT offshore development.

At first, we employed engineers as offshore staff by ourselves from Philippine local university. They made their effort in getting business instructions as well as learning Japanese language, and we decided to hire them officially after them getting used to everything in Japan.

We asked AtConcierge for supporting us from getting immigration visa to arranging housing, so that our employees could start new lives in Japan at their ease.

It has been 2 years since one of the staffs joined the company, and 7 months for another one. Today, they are a part of team at our company, working on a program development in collaboration with Japanese staffs.

They are gradually used to using Japanese language, and I heard that they brought a new initiative in our entire company as they mutually support themselves in learning English and Japanese language from each other. Since they are fluent in English, it is very helpful since they immediately capture IT information from overseas.


In March 2018, AtConcierge received an inquiry from a local mid-sized company that it is necessary for the company to go through the process by their Philippine government agency for hiring engineers from the Philippines. After seeing a person in charge only once on his business trip to Tokyo, we exchanged information closely with the Philippine local staffing company, the engineer himself, and the person in charge of Company B through e-mails and calls. AtConcierge was able to support the engineer to safely arrive in Japan 5 months later.

◎ Voice from HR director
Thanks to Ms. Tachiki and her support, I finally completed the hiring process for XXX. Even at my age, I was able to gain various experiences for the first time. I really appreciate for all you’ve done for.

◎ Voice from Engineer
For the employment process that takes 5 months, yes there are a lot of worries. But I manage to stay calm and be patient because I understand that there is no short cut for this kind of government procedure because it’s all about the welfare of Filipino workers. Thank you very much for all your help and support.

◎ Voice from Staffing Agency
We are glad to know that Mr. XXXX arrived and started his first few days in Japan smoothly and would like to also take this opportunity to show my appreciation for you working and coordinating with us.

I believe that there is some unfamiliarity even for a human resources expert when it comes to the processes in the Philippines. We are here to support such a case. Our service is something that local companies can rely on. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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