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Consulting of foreign worker employment

All-in-one consulting from work visa application in Philippines to staying support in Japan

Consulting of foreign worker recruiting

Employment placement and stable employment

Consultation of start-up business outside Japan

Supporting the first step for export, factory expansion, language study

Consultation of Multi-cultural understanding

Training and management support after hiring foreign workers, English training for Japanese workers

Foreign workers employment and visa process support

Support for visa process for Filipino workers

The most emphasizing field of AtConicerge is an overall supporting service for foreign workers from employment to returning home. In particular we are capable for supporting employers to obtain working visa of highly skilled foreign professionals.

Communication with English is dispensable requirement for Japanese mid-sized organizations to a global expansion. Placement of Filipino workers will be one of the most strong solutions for Japanese to help obtaining business English capability. They bring their ability when it comes to practical business scene such as self-assertion and negotiation which are necessary business skills. Such business behavior stimulates Japanese workers who want to be more aggressive.

Employees, after coming to Japan, may feel uncomfortable in the new environment, different climate, and life custom; however, employer's sufficient support could take their anxiety away. We propose adequate guidelines to the employe's living requirements such as residence, family, hospital, and school matters.

Cross-cultural understanding

Do you experience that you came to know you have few knowledge in your country when you learn foreign language? It is not a shame but you found yourself ready to receive other cultures.

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