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Company Information

【Name】 At Concierge
【Representative】 Shoko Tachiki, President
【Address】 7-4-11-504 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016, Japan
【Phone number】 81-3-3640-7388
【Mobile number】 81-80-3012-7388
【Foundation】 January 23, 2013
【Services】 Recruitment, Employment support to foreign workers, Cross-cultural Training, and Language support
【Range of Region】 Japan and Philippines

Our Philosophy

  • We support your career to step up with our training program with various perspectives


We aim a happy society working together with man and woman, young and senior, Japanese and foreigners. At Concierge extends our hands to you in cross-cultural understanding and communication.



2013-present Founded At Concierge in 2013 as a sole proprietorship, specializing in employment support of workers outside Japan, especially from Philippines.


Having served for two years as HR Manager and Recruiter at the Japanese subsidiaries of Singapore company (Jurong Engineering, a subsidiary of IHI, Japan). Moved to a foreign affiliate Natco Japan as a Administration Manager for two years.


Having served for 16 years as an administrative assistant for a division director of Japan branch of SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International.


Having served for several Japanese organizations as a bilingual office professional.

Challenge in life

I do not concern myself with social status like prestige and age. I broke through the severe Japanese age discrimination through finding jobs. As my childcare period approached to completion, I entered a school to study business administration and management in English. I was re-employed by the American organization at the age of 38. While I work there I got bachelor’s degree of liberal arts. It was at my age of 54 years. I got 885 scores of TOEIC, English test when I was 57 years old. Finally, I founded my own business at the age of 63 after the retirement.

Membership of professional institutions

Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industries
Foreign Workers Supporting Consortium (NPO)

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