We have received many inquiries from companies and individual persons.

Followings are typical questions from them and answers from us.

Q1-1   What kind of preparations are needed for a company to employ foreign workers ?

    A1-1   After the selection of the employee, necessary procedures are; obtaining working visa, residence selection, and government official procedures. AtConcierge provides specific advice.

Q1-2   How long will it be taken for employment of foreign workers?

    A1-2   It usually takes two months for recruiting and three months for application of working visa. Procedures are different depending on the country, so there are somewhat long and short periods.

Q1-3   I’m interested in exporting business but not at English.

    A1-3   It is recommendable to obtain your English proficiency. It is easy to use a translation site but it sometimes leads misunderstanding.

Q1-4   I was sure that I helped a foreign people but I got his awful reaction. I don’t understand why.

    A1-4   It sometimes becomes opposite to a foreign people having different history, religion, customs. Intercultural understanding is important.

Q1-5   Is it possible to get a job with a short staying visa?

    A1-5   No it is not. The purpose of that visa is not for working but only for a temporary visit such as sight seeing and meeting. If you want to work in Japan, you must return to your country and get an official working visa.

Q2-1   What kind of procedure is needed for foreign people to work in Japan?

    A2-1   You must obtain an official certificate entitled “Certificate of Eligibility (COE)” by applying to Immigration Office in Japan. You also apply to Japan Embassy in your country.

Q2-2   We used to hire a nice maid in Singapore. Is it possible to hire the same person in Japan? Because she was very kind to us especially to our children.

    A2-2   Regretfully it is impossible for her to work as a maid in Japan. Working as a foreign maid is acceptable only for a Japanese ancestry or working as a maid in foreign delegation or executive’s family of a foreign company. A new policy for foreign maid system is partially in preparation; however, it still lies a high hurdle and requires burdensome registration in concerned countries. Therefore it is not easy for the time being.

Q2-3   Our engineer having the work visa was refused the departure at the airport. We have never had such an incident. Was there something wrong or insufficient?

    A2-3   Due to the revision of regulation for overseas working, direct hiring has become.

Q2-4   Is it acceptable to foreign employees to give an employment contract and working rules in Japanese?

    A2-4   We recommend to issue the documents in English because few foreign employees can read Japanese. For the first step, you can use a web translator for rough understanding. Then you should ask a professional translator or a native people for checking. We also suggest to do with a foreign staff and upgrade gradually.

Q3-1   Is it possible to call a family of Filipino spouse to work in Japan?

    A3-1   No, it is not acceptable just for a family of the spouse. Japanese immigration law is very strict by field of work, working experience in home country, education. We understand in somewhat emotional feeling but we must follow government regulations.

Q3-2   What do you recruit capable foreign people?

    A3-2   We find candidates in a web site, newspaper, or send inquiry to universities that received international students. Other recommendation is that you directly contact with a local university or college and establish a cooperative system or you meet a capable person introduced by a Japanese co-worker in an overseas office or plant.

Q3-3   It is the first time to us to hire a foreign worker. We have few knowledge how to proceed and how to getting along with Japanese people.

    A3-3   It is basically same as for Japanese employee if you hire a foreign worker with a working visa.

Q3-4   Where is the foreign residence card given?

    A3-4   The residence card will be handed at the major international airport in Japan for those who visit Japan for the first time. For others, the residence card will be mailed from each municipal office after registering as resident.

Q3-5   What is the difference between Visa and Certificate of Eligibility?

    A3-5   Visa is a Pass permit stamped on the passport as a person qualified to enter the country. Certificate of Eligibility (EOE) is a proof that you can stay in Japan continuously for a certain period of time.

Q4-1   Do foreigners have to adopt them as regular employees?

    A4-1   You should explain the difference, merit and disadvantage between regular employees and contract employees and adopt them according to your policy.

Q4-2   We are facing difficulty to continuous recruitment of foreign students because they change jobs seasily.

    A4-2   Foreign workers with strong career orientation will be frustrated at the Japanese style employee education. You need to understand the cultural difference between Japan and foreign countries. For example, Japan respects equality but foreign countries place importance on differences.

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