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Employment support for Filipino professionals


We mainly support the employment of highly specialized Filipinos. Seven years have passed since the start-up of At Concierge, and four years of recruitment at foreign-affiliated companies and human resources / general affairs totaled more than 10 years of employment support for foreigners.
Nowadays, Japanese companies go to the Philippines by their own route to find human resources. Therefore, we are collaborating with several Filipino human resources companies so that we can quickly proceed with complicated departure procedures in the Philippines. We strive to be able to come to Japan in the most suitable way while exchanging information on a regular basis.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to find human resources from the beginning. We will introduce excellent people through our unique connection. We will support tailor-made recruitment to comply to your budget and desired job type. We do not simply utilize the registered human resources data gathered through the web site like other big scale recruitment companies.

Here are some of our support achievements.

  1. Mechanical engineer of air conditioning equipment manufacturer
  2. IT engineer of information technology company
  3. Mechanical supervisor of a building materials manufacturer
  4. English teachers at international schools
  5. Front desk clerk at a major foreign hotel
  6. Mechanical engineer of an electronic equipment manufacturing company
  7. Project manager of a global engineering company
What kind of inquiry was actually made?
  1. The procedure of the Philippine government is complicated. Where and how to get registered?
  2. I got a work visa, but I was stopped at the airport in Philippines. Is there anything to get besides the visa?
  3. A new employee having Filipino nationality needs POLO registration. How should we do?

We have received inquiries from such anxiety, consulted according to the circumstances of the company and employee candidates. We have proceeded to get along with a lot of requirements from the Japanese and Philippine governments, and led to the safe start of employment.

It is the situation of Filipino departure under the government strict process in comparison of other Asian countries. I wonder why? Because the Philippines has been admitted overseas employment as a national policy, it has required an agreement with the government of the dispatching partner country to protect its workers and imposes strict conditions on the hiring companies. Therefore, in principle, hiring is done through a registered human resources company in the Philippines. In other words direct employment is not permitted. The Japanese government basically does not accept unskilled workers, so the ideas of both countries are in agreement.

However; the hiring side feels dreadful to follow the rule . While waiting for the opportunity that the rule be changed by the Philippine government, we will continue to support the recruitment of Filipinos in 2020.

Our representative has practical experience in a human resources company, so we will provide more specific support.
For example,、

  1. Consultation/Documentation for applications to Philippine embassy
  2. Coordinating with Philippine staffing company
  3. Philippine visa application support
  4. Application support for COE (Certificate of Eligibility)
  5. Airport pick-up service
  6. Attending hospital
  7. Application support to local government registration
  8. Orientation to employees on working rules and labor law
  9. Cross-cultural communication seminar

In addition, we will propose an a la carte support program according to the needs of the company.

New support to Specific Skill Workers

At Concierge also started recruitment consulting for foreigners with specific skills in 2020.
The final adjustment between the Immigration Bureau of Japan and POEA (Philippines Overseas Employment Agency) has been completed, and the memorandums of each agency have been published. At the time of the revision of the law, it was said to be direct employment of workers and companies, but due to the national situation and system of the Philippines, it should be hired through an agency, so the procedure will be done by combining POLO / POEA / PRA accordingly. At Concierge also supports the company according to the circumstances of the company. For details, please refer to Filipino Specific Skilled Employment Support.

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